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Embrace the elements

Set in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, Immersion Fitness offer a range of one and two day courses, tailored to develop confidence, dexterity, agility, strength and endurance in a range of stunning, natural environments.

We seek to engage and inspire you in an informal, friendly and relaxed environment. With no more than four people per group, we concentrate on developing the following skills:

  • Moving efficiently across challenging terrain;

  • Navigating safely over natural obstacles including fast flowing water, steep and slippery gradients, fallen trees, boulders and marshland;

  • Breathing techniques and composure during short-term exposure to harsh conditions and cold water immersion;

  • Core stability, balance and posture control when lifting your own body weight;

  • Handling stressful and extreme conditions. Remaining composed in emergency situations;

  • Pushing the limits, understanding your own strength and gaining a familiarisation with your body’s potential


Man lived as a hunter-gatherer for over 2 million years. During this period the human body adapted to survive the challenges faced with this role. In recent years, and particularly with the industrial and digital revolution, we have reduced the physical needs of our bodies. Bone and muscle becomes weak from lack of physical exertion and, with that, we have seen the rise of chronic health concerns - Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Depression and many more. Our bodies are simply not designed for the 21st century lifestyle. We need excitement, exertion, stimulation and challenge. Re-establishing this connection with the great outdoors is an effective method of satisfying these needs, engaging your immune system, encouraging blood circulation and releasing the body’s natural endorphins, giving you a natural high.

Go back to your roots


Nigel Jenkins is a former British Army Commando and Military Physical Training Instructor. Originally trained in Mountain and Arctic Warfare, and as a former member of the GB National Cross-Country Ski team, Nigel has had successes in multi-endurance events, hill-running and adventure races across the globe.

For over 35 years, Nigel has been training in the hills and valleys surrounding his home on Dartmoor, developing ideas and techniques for training in the wild and utilising the obstacles that nature provides. 

Nigel sought to combine a stimulating outdoor experience with challenging and effective physical workouts. From this idea Immersion Fitness was created to inspire and equip you with ways to rethink and re-invigorate the conventional perceptions of achieving physical fitness.

Ignite your passion


One day courses from £120 per person for a group of four.

Two day courses from £200 per person for a group of four.

Please contact Nigel to discuss dates, availability and and the specific pricing for your course.

Test your limits
Awaken your potential